Early Childcare & Development

Leaving young children at daycare can seem like a daunting challenge for parents. However, at Oakhurst Preschool And Long Daycare, we allow our years of experience & expertise to do the talking for us.

Our team understands the nuances of early childcare & development. Therefore, we encourage parents to bring in their young children and allow us to engage the child in age-appropriate activities that can boost their activity, functioning and skills.

Our early childcare program has put together stimulating, safe activities that encourage exploration and creativity. We nurture them to reach their best potential.

We offer a range of indoor and outdoor experiences and a qualified and experienced team.

Please feel free to visit our facility to see if it’s a fit for your child.

Long Daycare

There is a fine line between balancing work life and just thriving. Your children deserve more! At Oakhurst Preschool and long daycare centre, we encourage active learning & participation in the child’s life throughout their childhood. However, work & home commitments could leave parents looking to depend on reliable, trusted sources to manage their children.

Our long daycare centre is the perfect solution for parents working all day long. We are here to take care of your children for you up to 11 hours per day. This allows you to balance your life while giving the remaining time to your child dedicatedly.

The benefit of a long daycare centre is that the child is in a learn & play environment with children of similar age groups. It encourages social and personal development. The biggest benefit our long daycare offers is that each and every child is under the careful & watchful eyes of experts. Our team of experienced staff are always looking out for the safety of every child.

Inhouse educational programs are an add-on to their child’s holistic development.


We engage in quintessential preschool activities that align with a preschool’s regulatory expectations. Our trained, warm and friendly staff help create a standard routine for your child that helps them feel secure, stable and safe.

We focus on the pillars of communication, learning, development and progress in our preschool courses. In addition, our creative processes allow the child to bring out their creative genius and explore it endlessly.

We are constantly innovating and developing newer mechanisms to ensure that the child receives maximum benefit.


Fees must be paid on the first day of your child’s attendance each week. A receipt will be issued for all the fees. A cash receipt will be given when your payment is made for both EFT and cash payments. Fees is charged on a daily rate based on the room that your child is in.

A nonrefundable bond of $200 is payable on enrolment. Your child’s fee is determined by your income and any childcare subsidy that you are entitled to. Please speak to our office staff to find out our current fees.

Fees Include:

  • All food and drinks including fruit (infants requiring bottles will need to provide from home)
  • Programmed educational experiences
  • All resources (though donations are welcome!)
  • Portfolios (given at the end of the year as a keepsake)
  • Hats and Sunscreen
  • Baby wipes and nappy rash cream (Sudo cream) if needed

Sun Protection

Oakhurst Preschool follows the Cancer Council recommendations for sun protection and we are a SunSmart Centre. SPF30+ Broad spectrum sunscreen is applied to children 20 minutes before outside play both mornings and afternoons. Our No Hat No Play Policy requires all children to wear a sun hat outside. A legionnaire style hat is supplied for each child. Children are to wear shirts with sleeves to protect their shoulders from the sun. Preschool hats must remain at the centre. Staff will launder hats as required.