Health and safety will always remain the Number One priority at Oakhurst Preschool and long daycare centre. In order to ensure the welfare of your child, and every other little one, we follow stringent checks to ensure that the immunisation proof is submitted before admission.

Every child must be immunised as per the Public Health Act at the necessary age milestones set out. However, suppose for any medical or religious reason your child has not been immunised. In that case, he/she may be excluded from the centre if an illness usually prevented by immunisation occurs at the centre. To qualify for childcare benefit payments, you must confirm that your child’s immunisation is up-to-date or that you have obtained an exemption. Childcare benefit payments may be cancelled if Immunisation records are not updated.

Information About Illnesses

In order to keep every parent fully informed and updated, any outbreaks of infectious diseases will be displayed on the foyer notice board. In addition, parents may also be informed via our communication channels.


Unwell children are not to attend the centre as they may be contagious and may spread their illness to others. Children with a temperature will not be allowed to attend the centre for 24 hours since the last temperature spike. Children who have been given Panadol or Nurofen before coming to the centre or those who have started antibiotics within the past 24 hours.

If you are unsure whether to bring your child to the centre, you can always call for clarification before coming in. Your child’s health is of paramount importance to us. Therefore, please ensure that your child’s immunisations are kept up to date. Children with infectious diseases or children not well enough to undertake normal routines will not be permitted to attend the centre.

Families will be promptly notified if their child becomes unwell. Likewise, they will be informed if the child needs to be taken home due to health concerns. If unable to contact the family, the emergency contact phone number will be utilised.

Child Protection

The staff of all children’s services (including Oakhurst Preschool) are Mandatory Reporters of risk of harm to children and young people under The Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act, 1998. The act states that staff must make a report if they have current concerns for the safety, welfare, or well-being of a child. This means that we are legally obliged to report any suspicions of abuse or neglect to the relevant authorities.

Ombudsman Amendment (Child Protection and Community Services) Act 1998. This legislation requires any allegations of child abuse against current employees, visitors, volunteers, or owners of any children’s service to be notified to the Ombudsman within 30 days.