Oakhurst Preschool, 86-88 Shinnick Drive,
Oakhurst, NSW 2761
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At Oakhurst preschool we understand what a big decision it is to leave your children in the care of others. We take this responsibility very seriously which is why we work together with you to make the transition to child care a positive experience for both you and your child. Before enrolling we recommend that you come in to visit the centre. Educators can then take you on a tour of the facilities and answer any questions that you may have regarding our service.

Before you enrol you will be asked to complete an enrolment form which includes information about you and your child including- allergies, dietary requirements, sleeping habits, interests etc. A bond of $200 is required to secure your position. Long day care centres is provided by a mix of qualified & trained Oakhurst Preschool in Plumpton

Once your child has started care please feel free to call the centre to check on them throughout the day.


Fees must be paid on the first day of your child's attendance each week. A receipt will be issued for all the fees. A cash receipt will be given when your payment is made for both EFT and cash payments. Payment by credit card will incur a surcharge of $2 per transaction. A printed tax receipt will be placed in your child's wall pocket for collection once the payment has been credited to your account.Fees are charged on a daily rate based on the room that your child is in.
A refundable bond of $200 is payable on enrolment. This bond will be put towards your last two weeks fees when notice of withdrawal is received.
Your child’s fee is determined by your income and any childcare benefit or Rebate that you are entitled to. Please speak to our office staff to find out our current fees.

Fees Include:

  • All food and drinks including fruit (babies requiring bottles will need to provide them from home)
  • Programmed activities
  • All resources (though donations are welcome!)
  • Portfolios (given at the end of the year as a keepsake)
  • Sunscreen
Child Care Benefit & Child Care Rebate:

If you already receive Family Tax Benefit, you can claim Child Care Benefit for approved child care by calling the Family Assistance Office or by using their online services.
Working parents may claim the Child Care Rebate for 50% of child care fees paid (up to $7500 per child per financial year). This may be claimed weekly, fortnightly, quarterly or yearly and can be paid to yourself or directly to the centre.


Children should be immunised according to their age as set out by the Public Health Act. Proof of Immunisation is required prior to commencement in Childcare. Immunisations should be kept up to date and the centre office notified each time an immunisation is completed. If for any medical or religious reason your child has not been immunised, he/she may be excluded from the Centre if an illness usually prevented by immunisation occurs at the Centre. To qualify for childcare benefit payments you will be required to confirm that your child's immunisation is up-to-date or that you have obtained an exemption. Child care benefit payments may be cancelled if Immunisation records are not kept up to date.

Any outbreak of an infectious disease will be displayed on the foyer notice board.

What to Bring

A school bag with your child's name on the outside.
A full change of clothes

Teddies Room(6 weeks to 2 years)

  • Bottles pre poured with cool boiled water and formula stored in a separate container.
  • Dummies
  • Nappies (minimum of 4)
  • A cot size sheet or light blanket

Dolphins (2-3years)

  • Six (6) changes of underpants and shorts/track pants and spare socks for children who are toilet training
  • Nappies for children not toilet trained (minimum of 4)
  • A cot size sheet or light blanket
  • A soft toy such as a teddy bear may also be sent for rest time.
  • A rest time nappy, if required, for children toilet training.

Wallaby Room (3-5 years)

  • A cot size sheet or light blanket if your child requires a sleep
  • Please dress children in the Dolphin and Wallaby rooms in clothing that is easy to manage to encourage independent dressing. Belts, overalls, hooded jumpers, tie waists etc. are difficult for young children to manage on their own

Dress Code for All Children

  • Sandals, runners, or thongs with an elastic heel strap are to be worn. Slip on shoes, high heels, dress ￿ up shoes, gum boots and slippers are not safe for preschool play and are therefore not permitted.
  • All children are to wear a shirt that provides sun protection for their shoulders and upper arms.
  • Always pack spare clothes and clothes for change in weather.
  • All clothing is to be clearly labelled with your child's name. No responsibility is taken for any item not labelled.


Children who are unwell are not to attend the centre - they will be miserable, and may spread their illness to others. Signs of obviously unwell children are: raised temperatures, runny noses etc.

Children with a temperature will not be allowed to attend the centre, nor will children who have been given Panadol or Nurofen prior to coming to the centre, or those who have started antibiotics within the past 24 hours.

If you are unsure whether to bring your child to the centre and you can always call for clarification before coming in.

Your child’s health is of paramount importance to us.

Please ensure that your child’s immunisations are kept up to date. Children with infectious diseases or children not well enough to undertake normal routine will not be permitted to attend the Centre.

Parents will be notified if their child becomes sick and may be asked to come and collect their child. If unable to contact persons, the emergency contact phone number will be utilised.

Child Protection

Staff of all children's services(including Oakhurst Preschool) are Mandatory Reporters of risk of harm to children and young people under The Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act, 1998. The act states that staff must make a report if they have current concerns for the safety, welfare or well-being of a child. This means that we are legally obliged to report any suspicions of abuse or neglect to the relevant authorities.
Ombudsman Amendment (Child Protection and Community Services) Act 1998
This legislation requires any allegations of child abuse against current employees, visitors, volunteers, or owners of any children's service to be notified to the Ombudsman within 30 days.

Boundaries, Limits and Guidelines

We believe that setting limits for behaviour is important for the safety and protection of children, others and the environment. Ultimately, boundaries, limits and guidelines are used to teach children self-discipline and an understanding of consequences of their behaviour (cause/effect) and how their actions affect themselves and those around them.
Staff at our Centre uses a positive approach to guiding behaviour.